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Our goal at Triarchy Press is to learn more about how organizations of all sorts function - so that we can find ways to make them work better. Organizations in this context include businesses, the public sector, charities, schools, prisons, co-operatives... In addition to our publishing programme, we are also building a series of partnerships with key organizations in this field.

In each case our aim is to facilitate information exchange by a combination of the following:

We currently have three partnerships in place and are always keen to consider new ones. Our intention, wherever we can, is to publish research reports, discussion documents, books and pamphlets written by our partners or emerging from their work Follow the links below to find out more. If your organization would be interested in working with us, please e-mail us to find out more or to submit an informal proposal.

International Futures Forum (IFF)

The IFF is a non-profit organisation and think tank that exists to develop and propagate a philosophy about how to make sense of today's complex world.
Read more about our partnership with IFF here

The UK National Educational Trust (NET)

NET aims to promote change in education systems and practice, build educational skills and develop innovative activities and services to improve educational provision. Read more about our partnership with NET here

Irving Allan

Irving Allan is a highly-regarded change consultancy, integrating organisational and individual development. They are currently researching 'The Wisdom of Organisations' and are working with volunteer participants whose role it is to take change forward in their organisations. Specifically, they are researching what wisdom means in organisational contexts and what is required to support its emergence.

For a brief introduction to their work and to their model of Corporate Wisdom (Corporate WQ), see Julie Allan's article in our Discussions area. Then see their Wisdom and The Emerging Future page.


PublicNet serves the Public Sector management community. It seeks to meet the demand for knowledge created by rapid social and economic change and the need for lifelong learning. PublicNet focuses on the issues challenging all parts of the public sector and encourages the sharing of good management practice. It monitors progress towards a seamless delivery of services and brings news and views about partnership working across central and local government, the health service, non departmental bodies, and the third and private sectors.
Visit the PublicNet website

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