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triarchy press:
publishing good books and bright ideas about organisations and society

We publish the best new thinking about organisations and society – and practical applications of that thinking. Our authors bridge the gap between academic research and practical experience and write about praxis: ideas in action. Those authors include:

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The key approaches that we feature in our publications are:

Little gem

Systems Thinking and Design Thinking

Complexity Thinking

Cultural Theory and Triarchy Theory

Teams, Leadership & Innovation

Society, Somatics & Movement


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What does Triarchy Press stand for?

A more systemic, complex and holistic way of viewing the world. One that respects:

Networks and interconnections ~ Systems thinking and design thinking ~ Complexity and diversity ~ Sustainability and resilience ~ Crowdsourcing, the bazaar, copyleft ~ Heterarchy, shared decision-making ~ Process, change, dynamics, emergence ~ Synthesis, context, ecology

These are just a few of the questions our authors set out to answer:

Why do so many organisations work so badly and how can we improve the way they’re run?

How can we dramatically improve education, healthcare and the rest of the public sector?

How can we create better plans and strategies for the future in business, government and in society at large?

How can we re-imagine the way we move around in and explore our world, its history and its future?

How can we apply what we know about systems thinking and complexity theory? What is it to be a leader in a less hierarchical world?

How can the terms ‘power’ and ‘love’ help us understand teams, organisations and families better?

Why are hierarchical structures still the default when there are better ways of doing things?

How can we be more innovative and creative at work and away from work?



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